The mailing address is 20120 FM 485, Burlington, TX 76519.

Rev. Ranjan Cletus

Pastoral Council: Betty Jane Brenek, Jeannine Dohnalik, Patsy Gaines, Misty Green,  Andy Littlejohn,  Jill Stermer, Anna Teague

Finance Council: Patsy Gaines, Josh Pratt, Jill Stermer

New Cemetery Board Members:  George Dohnalik, Raymond Jochec, Robert Plachy, Adam Dohnalik, Anna Teague, Brad Vaculin

Building Committee: Jeannine Dohnalik, Rhonda Gelner, Arvell Jungmann, George Tomek, David Vaculin, Robert Vansa, Alfred Vrazel

St. Ann's Altar Society Officers: President - Cindy Prcin, Vice President - vacant, Secretary/Treasurer - Merlene Slavik, Parliamentarian - Marguerite Michalka

K.J.Z.T. Sales Agent: Cindy Morris,  254-721-3785;  email:  Cindy has been appointed as the State Director for Districts XI and XII;  Marak is in District XI. 

K.J.Z.T Officers: President Judy Vaculin, Vice President Lindsey Vaculin, Treasurer Bernice Vrazel, Secretary Patsy Gaines
K.J.T Officers: President - 
Vice President - Laddie Vaculin 
Secretary/Treasurer -  
Sales Representative - 

The Church is located at 6633 FM 2269 in Marak, Texas, seven miles northwest of Cameron on FM 2269.

Other Priests Who Have Served at Marak:


Church Secretary and Bulletin Information: Patsy Gaines,,  (254) 482-0570

Mass Intentions and Sanctuary Light remembrances: Merlene Slavik, 254-697-3801

Prayer Chain requests: Merlene Slavik, 254-697-3801

Organist, Janice Marek

Historian, Bernice Vrazel,

Religious Education, Bethany DelBosque and Amy Tobias

KJZT Juniors Director, Debbie Vansa

Parish Hall Manager: Rhonda Gelner,  (254)482-1144,

Webmaster: Janice Johnson,

Church Yard and Old Cemetery Maintenance, Bryan Ketterman

New Cemetery Maintenance, Raymond Tomek