Pastoral Council: Garrey Prcin (Chairperson), Betty Jane Brenek, Jeannine Dohnalik,  Andy Littlejohn, Dennis Marek,  Jill Stermer, Anna Teague

Finance Council: Patsy Gaines, Josh Pratt, Jill Stermer

New Cemetery Board Members:  George Dohnalik, Raymond Jochec, Robert Plachy, Adam Dohnalik, Anna Teague, Brad Vaculin

Building Committee: Jeannine Dohnalik, Rhonda Gelner, Arvell Jungmann, George Tomek, David Vaculin, Robert Vansa, Alfred Vrazel

St. Ann's Altar Society Officers: President - Cindy Prcin, Vice President - Pat Thompson, Secretary/Treasurer - Merlene Slavik

K.J.Z.T. Sales Agent: Cindy Morris,  254-721-3785;  email:  Cindy has been appointed as the State Director for Districts XI and XII;  Marak is in District XI. 

K.J.Z.T Officers: President Judy Vaculin, Vice President Lindsey Vaculin, Treasurer Bernice Vrazel, Secretary Patsy Gaines
K.J.T Officers: President - 
Vice President - Laddie Vaculin 
Secretary/Treasurer -  
Sales Representative - 

Rev. Ranjan Cletus

The Church is located at 6633 FM 2269 in Marak, Texas, seven miles northwest of Cameron on FM 2269. 

The mailing address is 20120 FM 485, Burlington, TX 76519.

Other Priests Who Have Served at Marak:


Church Secretary and Bulletin Information: Patsy Gaines,,  (254) 482-0570

Mass Intentions and Sanctuary Light remembrances: Merlene Slavik, 254-697-3801

Prayer Chain requests: Merlene Slavik, 254-697-3801

Organist, Janice Marek

Historian, Bernice Vrazel,

Religious Education, Bethany DelBosque and Amy Tobias

KJZT Juniors Director, Debbie Vansa

Parish Hall Manager: Rhonda Gelner,  (254)482-1144,

Webmaster: Janice Johnson,

Church Yard and Old Cemetery Maintenance, Bryan Ketterman

New Cemetery Maintenance, Raymond Tomek